Eat healthy, eat plenty and be happy...burn fat and increase energy, it really works.
— Justin Frandson-Founder, Bliss Intake
Justin Frandson, Founder, Health/Performance Coach, APC,AIS,  PRRT, GMRT

Justin Frandson, Founder, Health/Performance Coach, APC,AIS,  PRRT, GMRT

MISSION: Founded with a positive spirit and simple objective: to help others lose weight naturally, feel satisfied, healthy and get lasting results.


In 1990, Justin had a minor health challenge that shaped his entire life. In finding answers, he learned that he was allergic to Gluten. To get his energy back, it was essential to make a shift, so he became one of the early pioneers in the gluten free movement. The choice to feel great again, led him to a successful career in the Health and Performance space.  Justin saw a void in this arena and grew Athleticism, LLC  into six locations implementing their unique, proprietary programs into thousands of athletes, teams, organizations and corporations, while selling related products. Many notable clients included, NY Knicks, SD Padres, Charger Pro Bowlers, Matt Fuerbringer (AVP), John Cook PGA, O'Neill Surf Team (Jordy Smith), Arto Saari, Pepperdine University, the Dannon Company and many more.  Justin was featured in the documentary movie, Vitality. He has completed the advanced certification of PRRT, one of the most sought after pain release programs. Justin is considered one of the top sports and human performance coaches in the country.

He now sees a similar void in the understanding of what we eat, how we workout and how it all plays a major role in health, energy and weight loss. His journey has brought him to educate the masses on how to use fat as our primary fuel source, thus founding Bliss Intake. He has simplified how the body thrives and provided this sustainable  program. 

He understands that EMF is one of the major stressors in our lives. He has found products that harmonize the vibration and sub atomic chaos that man made EMF causes. Combining quality food with eliminating the major stressors, he has the ideal formula for health.

Graduating in 1994 from the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business with a Bachelors of Science degree, with an emphasis in the Entrepreneur program, Justin studied Exercise Science as a Minor. He received his Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Certification from UCLA in 1994.